Analysing Lottery Results Reveals Unusual Pattern…

[Q] I’ve been analysing all my past lottery results over the years and whilst I know these things are supposed to be random, there is a pattern.…

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Analysing Lottery Results Reveals Unusual Pattern…

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  • Mr. 11

    Lottery Guy is 100% right. The chance of drawing 1,2,3,4,5,6 is just as random as drawing say 8, 11, 17, 26, 29, 43. Reason being is that it does not rely on the previous draws since it is completely random. Take coin tossing for example. Of course it is not 50/50 out of 10 times tossed. Sometimes I will get 2 head and 8 tails, 6 heads and 4 tails, etc.

  • Kim

    I bought a mega millions QUICK PICK in arizona, the numbers were as follows, in this order. 21 22 23 24 25 mega plier 26
    What are the odds of a computer doing that number sequence?

    • LG

      Well believe it or not, the odds are exactly the same as the computer spitting out any other combination!

      Or in other words 1 in 175,711,536. Which is also the odds of winning Mega Millions of course. (Because the quick pick machine is really just doing it’s own mini lottery draw to produce your ticket).

      You see, it’s only us humans who place any significance in numbers being in sequential order (or multiples of another number, or all evens or odds etc etc). To a computer, they’re just different symbols. They could just as well be shapes, or colors.

      It looks and feels really significant, but mathematically it really isn’t. Weird huh.

      • Kim

        Thanks for the info. Like I said to Mr. 11 I was curious enough about the odds or lack there of, to toss it until I knew. Just a “point to ponder” I suppose. Thanks for the feedback! πŸ™‚

  • Rigon

    I disagree with this statement.

    “So the real question here is not which numbers to play as a result of all this analysis, but whether the past results have anything useful to reveal to us in the first place. And the fact is, they don’t.”

    The past history does tell us alot. You just haven’t seen it yet.

    • LG

      You’re entitled to disagree – but you’re wrong πŸ™‚

      There is simply no reason at all that past draws would, could or should tell you anything useful about what numbers will appear for any future draw.

      If it were any different that would mean the draw is not random. Which would mean the operators were running an illegal lottery. Lotteries are required to be fair by law. Are you claiming to have spotted something that the lottery company with all it’s staff, analysts and auditors have missed..?

      There is no way any lottery company would want even the slightest possibility that their draw could be predictable and therefore not random. Those high paid lottery execs really don’t like the idea of being sent to prison!

      • Rigon

        What I’m saying is that history does help in making somewhat of an educated pick when it comes to patterns not just looking at most hit numbers. It’s still a random draw and your odds are much better than just gathering up a few most hit numbers and hope they all come out. To say that history doesn’t tell us anything is not accurate. When tornados made their way through ” tornado valley” it didn’t get it’s name because a few of them just happen to roll in within a few weeks. History told us this is where tornados roll through. The weather pattern throughout the years made weathermen psychic or maybe not.

      • LG

        And what I’m saying is you’re actually wrong, 100% :-). And it’s a very common misconception (that most of the junk lottery system sellers rely on!).

        Thing is, you simply can’t have it both ways – the lottery cannot be random and slightly predictable at the same time!

        There is nothing in the past results that tells you anything about what comes next. Any patterns you see are pure illusions in a sea of randomness, and are useless for predicting anything.

        This is not a weather system!

      • Kim

        I think everyone has some very valid and interesting points. This is really a subject that keeps the mind sharp! To determine the infinite number of ways these numbers are picked truly makes the lottery about more than money, and an interesting debate.
        Thanks for all the opinions. I really enjoy them.

      • LG

        We certainly get interesting opinions which I fully welcome – but that doesn’t necessarily make them valid πŸ™‚

        Opinions are great, I love an open debate. But nobody can deny certain facts just because they prefer to believe otherwise (such as the fact the lottery is random and unpredictable).

        You can claim the moon is made of cheese all you like, but unless you provide a slice of moon cheese to prove it, you’re just a crazy voice in the wilderness. No matter how many crazies are out there with you… howling at the cheese moon πŸ™‚

      • Dr Chris Rane

        I think its plausible that we are affecting the results, like anything else in life on a quantum level when you observe something it changes, we cannot either prove or disprove that our though affect our reality as we cannot prove that something is right or wrong its only correct within standing parameters, and whomever defined the parameters before that, the difference between a philosophy and science is that you can test science; but only on our established level of understanding – if you take into account the fact that we have established our entire scientific system on 6% of the universe the other94% being dark matter and dark energy, I think its not an unreasonable statement for Rigon to say you haven’t seen it yet; more so its arrogant of you to proclaim that he’s wrong when no one can technically be right or wrong when nothing is concretely defined as it never will be, everything is just theory based on predetermined “facts”


      • LG

        Yes ‘Dr Chris’, I’ve often noticed that when I observe grass it looks green, when everyone knows it’s really purple.

        Now must look up that Quantum Predictor function in Excel…

      • Dr Chris Rane

        Maybe you should read a few books by Oliver Sacks then, and maybe learn about Synesthesia, as clearly everyone perceives everything the same way.

      • LG

        Thanks ‘Doc’ but I’m aware of synaesthesia. It’s a fascinating condition, and makes a great documentary. But I don’t see the relevance.

        Personal perception doesn’t change whether the numbers on your lottery ticket match what came out of the draw machine. They either do or they don’t. You won’t get far trying to argue any differently with the lottery claims office.

      • Kim

        I asked a question on Dec 22nd regarding a Powerball ticket and it has ended up in a debate that has taken a few ugly turns. As of now it appears that Lottery Guy and the Doc are in a debate, and given I am not the slightest bit interested in this debate, I will say that Lottery Guy, though you got on my nerves you do make far more sense than Doc (see I can be nice). Having said that. It’s been fun, but I am bowing out!
        Good luck and happy debating!

      • LG

        Thanks. I think πŸ˜‰

    • Kaptin

      Rigon, you do not understand what the term “random” really means. Go to University. Take a statistics course. Read a book.

  • Tiz

    True say…? randomness / predictability. However the brain has discovered many things:

    Pythagoras discovered his ‘theorem’, Albert Einstein – ‘E=MC2’, Paul Dirac – ‘antimatter’, James Watson and Francis Crick – ‘the structure of DNA’.

    Naturally then whether it is colour, shape or number a system is waiting to be found to forecast the next draw.

    • LG

      That’s just plain daft Tiz. Those things have nothing to do with being able to predict the lottery or any other random event.

      The lottery is random because that’s how it’s been designed. It’s meant to be random and unpredictable – that’s the whole point.

      To put it another way. If in a parallel impossible universe someone did find a way to predict the lottery, they would immediately cancel the game. Because not only is a predictable lottery illegal, it’s also totally pointless. What, everybody buys the prediction system, and we split the jackpot between a few million people every week??

      There is no system to predict lottery results because it simply cannot exist – ‘the brain’ designed it to be that way!

  • Kim

    I do have a couple more questions for you lottery guy. How in the world did you become the lottery guy? Is this how you make your living or is it a hobby? Just wondering.
    I also wanted to get your thoughts on something else, so I guess it’s not a question. I saw an interview with Sylvia Brown the psychic and she was asked if she can be used by the police to find missing people or predict upcoming doom, why she can’t win the lottery and her answer is it wouldn’t be fair to use her powers that way. I say she made an ass out of herself, what do you think?

    • LG

      1. I got really hacked off at the amount of ‘lottery system’ garbage being peddled online by er, ‘people of low morals’ shall we say, as well as the amount of misinformation being spread usually by well meaning but misguided individuals (and often the media too!). So this site was born. A lone voice of reason in a wilderness of garbage and shady product claims :-). It’s an obsession. Guilty as charged.

      2. Absolutely. It’s the same claim all psychics rely on (don’t get me started on psychics…). It’s like a bad magician – it only works if you don’t look too closely.

  • W Rogers

    Lets say that in a 6/45 game I have noticed in the past 2 years, 1 year, 6 months & 3 months that there are more 3/3 combinations of odd/even draws. Couple that with the fact that 72% of the drawings have total sums between 100-200. I wold say that forgettin the numbers painted on the balls there is a more likely than not that these facts will repeat Therefore I feel that using this in some selection strategy my increase my chances by a small amout.

    Picture the ocean being a giant pool of numbers. And the fish that swim in them are just numbers. If i randomly pick a place to fish and I catch more barracuda than say papio and bonefish I can reasonably expect to catch a barracuda the next 10 times out as compared to the other species. Probably a bad analogy but what I am tryin to alude to is that i may not be able to catch the correct sequence BUT I can reasonbly expect to catch a certain ratio of one to the other

    • LG

      Yup, bad analogy :-). There’s a reason certain breeds of fish hang around certain areas – so it’s not a random process.

      Forgetting there are numbers painted on the balls is probably the best way to understand why none of these patterns have any value in trying to predict results. Balls fall out of the machine randomly, by design. They don’t remember whose turn it is to come out. They don’t remember to make sure they add up to certain sums or averages. They don’t know who is odd or who is even.

      Any ‘trends’ you see are just passing patterns in a random series of results. Which are of no use at all in predicting what comes next. If you roll a dice enough times eventually you will get 3 sixes in a row – but it doesn’t tell you anything useful.

      I know everybody wants to believe differently, but that’s just the way it is by design, and by law. Nobody has ever successfully predicted a lottery result and they never will. Not in a legal lottery anyway πŸ™‚

    • Rigon

      I understand exactly what you’re saying and where you are coming from W Rogers. The only reason why the Lottery Guy would have a difficult time with it is because if what we were saying was true then of course, he’d have to see the winnings to believe it. The one main reason why I couldn’t prove it to him is because I simply just don’t have the money to purchase a large sum of tickets on the theory you and I have. Our theory would work most excellent with people who pool their money to play. I’ll agree this much with the LG, it is random, but you can’t deny that certain patterns of odd/even numbers do appear more often than others throughout the year.

      • LG

        Patterns will always appear in historical results – but that’s just what random does. Those patterns won’t help you predict future results.

        If you roll a dice enough times you will get a series of the same number 5 times in a row, but it doesn’t mean that number is suddenly any more or less likely than anything else on the next roll.

        I’m going to talk about this kind of thing a lot more in my upcoming private strategy group – shhh… it’s a secret for now… πŸ˜‰

  • Tyler

    Lottery Guy I completely agree with your argument. I think anyone who doesn’t agree just is just simply not thinking how the machine works. Not that I know much about how they work but I do know when you see a drawing all the balls bouncing around there is no way anyone can predict which ball will fall through the hole and in which sequence (unless some balls were weighted which of course is not legal)

    Lets say you were to graph lottery results (and I am sure someone on the Internet has). You may find a pattern in say 100 lottery results but the more trials performed the closer your graph will become a straight line (not any number more likely to occur than the next).

    I am kind of ashamed to say that I stumbled upon this site because I was trying to find my own patterns in recent lottery results. I now feel like an idiot πŸ™ but then thought of statistics class back in high school and working with a random number generator and graphing the results of a die.

    Thank you lottery guy for opening my eyes before I waste my time finding patterns that aren’t there. I haven’t subscribed to your lottery tips but my personal tip to anyone that reads this… JUST GET A QUICK PICK! 75% of lottery winners come from quick picks. You cannot beat statistics.
    Thanks again πŸ™‚

    • LG

      Hey Tyler,

      Yup. And you’re right, there’s not much wrong with a quick pick πŸ™‚

      People often get obsessed with picking numbers, and then totally miss out all the big picture strategy stuff – like choosing the right game for them to start with! Virtually none of the trashy lottery systems out there even begin to cover this stuff. That’s why I’m putting together my own strategy group. You can’t pick numbers more likely to win, but there’s plenty you can do before you even reach for a playslip.

  • Simon

    The numbers are repeating randomly. If we eliminate that then we come up with real numbers.
    If you are interested you may send 15 days draws for California Fantasy Five. I will send you the analysis of what will happen next and each avenue you take at least to have three numbers in each column.
    In California Fantasy Five we have 39 balls, and we need to choose 5 numbers from it.
    In the basket most researcher in prediction never take out numbers or balls from the basket. In real the cube or the balls in the basket get less and less in dimension. Then the chances are big two or three numbers come together, just like magic. It is like you take your blood test and analysis. This is nuclear engineering in my graduate schools.
    If you interested you may send the first prediction is free, but after that it will be $50 for each request.
    The random numbers have pattern if we do certain filtration. I have studied Fuzzy math for 14 years.
    I am an abnormal data mine researcher. I am looking for investor too.
    All answers to the prediction will be by fax.

    • LG

      Are you serious Simon..?

      You’re honestly telling us you can reliably predict the results, yet you want $50 from everybody…

      (Did you happen to read my post, or comments here?)

      • Simon

        you do not understand the way I do things
        nobody beleives ,even the super scientists
        just listen ,see my results
        I do predict scientifically
        what you have to lose to test me.?

      • LG

        There’s a very good reason nobody believes you.

  • Keen

    What a debate, Lottery Guy? Ever wondered since it’s so random why 3 or more persons never won, except they pool play & at no given time nowhere in the world the machine didn’t pick a number that a lot of persons had? Food 4 thought.

    • LG

      Hmm, it’s actually not strange really. A typical 6/49 game, for example, has over 13 MILLION different combinations – so the chances of lots of people picking the same combination is pretty tiny. Some combinations don’t even get picked once, which is why sometimes nobody wins and you get a rollover draw.

      So it’s really not surprising that most of the time the jackpot is only won by one person, or just a few people. Unless a very ‘popular’ combination of numbers is drawn, and then you tend to get greater number of winners. A good reason to avoid picking too many popular or ‘lucky’ numbers πŸ™‚

      • RC

        Well there is an explanation for that! If the numbers are smaller they are picked by lots of people. As some people think that their birthday is a Good Number (Less then 31) and month (less than 12) and total of the birth year (1934 = 1+9+3+4 =17=7+1=8) and other things. If all the nos are on the higher side, chances of anyone winning is actually small! This pattern is how people think while choosing the no, and not the pattern for machine drawing it!

      • LG

        Exactly RC – and that’s an example of what I call popular combinations. Along with lucky numbers and various other patterns people like to use.

        Just for clarity. This doesn’t change the chances of a particular combination being drawn or not drawn. It just affects the likelihood of how many people have actually picked it.

  • Chris H

    Maybe the balls were meant to be designed the same way, but some are slightly heavier than each other and that alters the results because nobody can make a perfect copy, there is always a flaw in the second or third and so forth.

    • LG

      That’s certainly possible. Although they are going to be made to very fine tolerances, and checked regularly. But that’s just 1 of many, many tiny factors that could affect a draw. And a lot of those factors are not static either, they change over time – e.g. a slightly heavier ball will wear more quickly. Then there’s the temperature of the studio, the speed the draw machine motors are running, vibrations from a passing truck, and so on.

      Add all those external factors into the mix and things just get even more random.

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