Hot Lottery Numbers
& Cold Lottery Numbers

It's a popular theory that lottery balls have their own little brains, and very good memories. No, really! Why else would so many so called 'systems' be based on previous lottery results..?

No, don't be sceptical. It's not because otherwise they wouldn't have a magical 'mathematical' system to sell you. They genuinely believe past results affect future results - I know, bizarre isn't it!

Stranger still is the system sellers often have opposing or even self contradicting views. Ever heard of hot lottery numbers, or cold lottery numbers? Don't worry, it's nothing clever.

One camp says that because certain lottery numbers have been drawn a 'lot' they are more likely to be drawn again - hot lottery numbers. Therefore you should pick those numbers. The other camp says cold lottery numbers haven't been drawn for a while, therefore they are 'due' to be drawn. Therefore you should pick those numbers!

Of course, there are also the confused campers inbetween who claim the exact opposites too. Hot lotto numbers have been drawn a lot therefore they won't come up again... sheesh!

My Advice?

Consign the whole bunch of charlatans to the 'waste of space' file!

There is only one possible basis for claiming certain numbers are more or less likely to be drawn. And that's if you believe that certain imperfections exist within the balls or draw machines. And that those imperfections make a ball more or less likely to appear...

Sounds Almost Plausible

Until you add a dose of common sense.

Sure, imperfections are feasible, despite the organisers utmost attempts to ensure every draw is totally random of course... But we're talking ridiculous microscopic imperfections here, aren't we? (There's a camp who would tell you to pick 38 for example because it has more paint on the ball than number 1 - oh pleeeease!)

Just consider for a moment other minute factors that could affect the draw. What about temperature within the studio on the day? Or atmospheric pressure, a nearby storm, an audience member sneezes, a butterfly flaps it's wings in Tokyo! What about mechanical wearing of the machine over time. What about the position of the moon - hey, it does affect the tides after all!

Even if you had enough data to track the factors that DON'T change - which alone would take many thousands of draws - what do you do when they change the draw machine or ball sets. Many draws use multiple sets of balls and different machines, not even determined until the draw!

Oh, It Gets Worse Still.

What if a thousand people are using the same system or piece of 'analysis' software as you? Does that not mean they are likely to be picking the same numbers as you? So if down to purely random chance you do win the jackpot picking hot and cold lottery numbers - what's left for you after a thousand way split!?

The only wise conclusion from all this is that any system that claims to improve your chances by analysing previous draws - is just a big fat waste of time! Save your money, and spend it on a rock solid guaranteed way to improve your chances of winning - play more lines in one draw.

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