Do Your Lottery Odds Improve The More You Play?

[Q] If I have played 500 different combinations already in the past, have my odds of winning the lottery in future improved..?

[A] In short, NO. They really haven't. And here's why.

The fact is that all of those 500 combinations are still available. Just because they have already been drawn does not mean they cannot be drawn again. It doesn't even mean they are less likely to be drawn this week.

It may seem almost logical that once a combination has been drawn that it can't happen again for ages - but why would we think that? The balls have no memory, they don't know what was drawn before? If you think about it, the balls don't even know they mean numbers and jackpots to us do they? They are just a ball bouncing around in a machine!

"Hey, Ball No.1, move over - you got drawn last week, I want to pop out this week!" - Ball No.23

Once you come to realise that each combination has exactly the same chance of being drawn every week, you become a much wiser player. You don't fall for any silly lottery 'systems' that claim to improve your odds by analysing past results. But you also start to understand that there ARE some sensible ways to improve your lottery odds, which are based on logic, maths and common sense. (Grab my free course below for details of those).

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