Christmas El Gordo Draw

It's crazy popular in Spain, and not greatly understood beyond those borders. But I have to admit, I love the bizarre old Christmas El Gordo lottery. It's €2.4 Billion of total wackiness.

Here's a short video of the actual draw process:-

You can see (and hear) kids from San Ildefonso school collecting the balls from the draw cages. And then singing out the winning results! The whole draw process goes on for THREE hours.

The El Gordo TV Ad 2017

Something else that is eagerly awaited each Christmas is the new TV ad for the draw. It's always a high production values affair. This is a famous old Spanish institution after all (200 years of history right here).

Here's the ad for this years draw, no Spanish required (subtitled). Enjoy:-

El Gordo 2016 TV ad
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