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Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

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Florida lottery winner Richard Lustig has won 7 grand lottery prizes. His lottery book details his simple secret system.

Richard Lustig lottery book
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What He Says

  • My name is Richard Lustig and I live in Florida
  • I have created a method… that has enabled us to WIN several lottery GRAND prizes
  • I purposely made the book short and to the point
  • Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it

What I Think

The first thing I ought to point out before the hype gets you, is that Richard is not a lottery multi-millionaire. He hasn’t actually won 7 huge lottery jackpots. In reality his 7 wins amount to $1,047,060.58, and one of those prizes was a jackpot of $842,152.91. Bear in mind that lottery winnings are also taxed in the USA.

It’s also worth pointing out that his biggest win was back in January 2002, and his last ‘big’ win was in 2010.

Here’s the full list of his 7 grand prizes:-

  • Jan 1993 — $10,000 (scratch-off ticket)
  • 14th Aug 1997 — $13,696.03 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • 2nd June 2000 — Holiday to Los Angeles, value $3,594.66 (scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw)
  • 18th Oct 2001 — Holiday to Memphis, value $4,966 (scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw)
  • 22nd Jan 2002 — $842,152.91 (Florida Mega Money)
  • 25th Nov 2008 — $73,658.06 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • 9th Aug 2010 — $98,992.92 (Florida Fantasy 5)

[Source of data: Sentinel Research]

There’s also a $5,145 win on the Florida Lotto on 11th July 2009, but I don’t think he’s counting that one as a ‘grand’ prize.

OK, but that’s still more than most lottery players have won though, right? So is it way beyond luck as he claims? And forgetting the hype, is the advice actually any good?

The Big Problem With This Book

There is some basic common sense advice in the book (although a lot less than I give away for free in my lottery tips!). Advice such as keeping tickets that lose as a tax deductible and/or for playing those second chance drawings.

Just don’t get too excited on the tax side as this doesn’t apply in most countries around the world (if they don’t tax your winnings, it’s extremely unlikely you can use your losing tickets to offset tax!).

But the big problem is that key advice he’s offering in the book is just plain wrong. On two ‘strategies’ in particular.

Richard advises always playing the same numbers every draw. He also advises buying scratch off tickets in batches of 10 of the same card rather than different cards.

Both he claims improve your chances of winning – the fact is however, neither of those things make the slightest difference to your chances (they really don’t see below…)!

Richard Buys a LOT Of Lottery Tickets

This is the key piece of information he never lets on. Richard will simply not tell you how many tickets he bought to generate those 7 prizes – and therefore his real ‘profit’ (if any?). Remember, that big win (80% of his winnings) happened back in 2002.

So although he may not like to think so, buying large numbers of tickets is the real reason he has won 7 times. That, together with choosing games which are easier to win in the first place, and a bunch of luck.

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There’s been a little debate in the comments below about whether playing the same numbers or changing them helps you. It categorically does not make any difference, but this video should help if you’re still unsure:-

Note that Jason Gershman, Ph.D (an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics at NSU) agrees with me on this point, and states that Richard’s advice is “nonsense” and that “you’d be wasting your time and money doing that system”.

Did you buy the book, or see him on TV? Let us know what you think of Richard Lustig’s lottery system book or advice by adding your comment or review below. Thanks.

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  • Isabelle in Victoria BC

    Hello from Canada,

    Good grief you have your work cut out for you and have so much patience… You repeat the same thing over again, with all the logic of a true scientist yet people continue to think that these games can be won with systems… Too funny… My system? I play the same 6 and 7 numbers out of habit for our 6/49 and lotto max draws each week because it’s quick and done with. I also buy a scratch ticket called Set For Life because for 5 dollars I could win 675,000.00, other tickets wouldn’t pay out as much and cost more, and because someone I know won it years ago so I know there are winners. I win quite a bit, small prizes from free tickets to $75 but that’s better than a kick in the pants, the most was a nice thousand dollar home reno with second chance contest. I enjoy playing a little bit, and understand the fact that these games have odds and that each one is either a winner or a loser, the clock resets everytime, there is no system. In Canada people who live back East seem to win more and people get mad, but they win because they buy more tickets and have a larger population than we do here where I live, there is no conspiracy!!! They buy 12% of the tickets and win 12% of the time, we play 7% of the tickets and win 7%…

    Anyway, keep sane, and keep up the good work, your patience is admirable. Oh and soon, very very soon, Ill be winning the Lotto Max. $50,000,000 this Friday in fact. hehehe…. In fact, that is my system, just telling myself positively that I’ll win and not saying “if” but “when I win the jackpot”?

    Oh and our winnings are tax free in Canada so my $50,000,000.00 will be mine, all mine!!! But in Canadian $$$…

    Take care!
    Isabelle GrandWinner. 😉

    • Chris Grand Winner too

      Well said Isabelle. And have fun with your winnings.

      P.S. in Belgium, the lottery is tax free… (the government take their tax share on sold tickets, not on my winning). That’s all.

  • Bob Balcombe

    Since WA st. entered in the Lotto game I have been a weekly winner. How do I do this. It happens this way say I intend to purchase 20 dollars worth of tickets a week. What I do is invest that money into a savings account that draws X amount of interest. That is how I win. These lotteries have been studied by mathematicians and gaming experts from all sides. The states can afford the loss, because the losers are paying the winners. How do you think Vegas and Reno have survived. New Jersey has been the only loser because of the economy. This is not to say Reno and Vegas has not seen their down fall also. It has not been because some one is wining all the time, it is because the economy is so crapy. It is like the Reality TV shows flipping houses not many make it in that market. Has anyone watched the program Deadliest Catch? Well they tell you how to make a million per season. To do this is you have to start out with 2 mil. So after the season is over and you pay all your expenses you have one mil. LOL

    • LG

      But you’re really missing the point Bob – playing the lottery is entertainment, we do it because we enjoy it! We don’t do it as an investment. It sounds like you’re in danger of getting seduced by that smug ‘lottery is a tax on the stupid‘ lot :-)

      You see, we could be talking about ‘wasting’ that $20 on beer, movies, magazines or fishing.

      You could just as easily say, take the $20 a week you spend on having fun and put it in the bank instead. There you go – now you have less fun in your life, but hey you’ve got slightly more money than you had before..!

      Do you see what I mean?

      The difference with playing the lottery is that there is actually a genuine chance you could win a jackpot too. That’s never happened with any money I’ve ever put in the bank or spent on beer :-)

  • David

    Hey, Lottery Guy:

    Not only did I buy Lustig’s book (for $39.00), I also joined his “university” (for $49.00). After reading all these comments, my next email will be to Lustig’s website to ask for refunds on both items. Lustig claims there’ll be no problem to get the refunds, so I’ll see, and let you know (I’ll bookmark this site so I can find you again). Sure wish I’d seen your site first, before I got suckered into buying Lustig’s stuff! Oh, well; as Gordon Gekko (character in “Wall Street”) said, “Greed is good!” NOT!

    • LG

      Oops – but at least you know now :-)

      Good luck with the refund, be interested to hear how it goes.

      • David

        Well, I finally did get the refund, but it took an email to the company that markets Lustig’s stuff, Software Projects Inc support, to get it done. I wrote Lustig right after I emailed you. Every time (like 6 emails) I emailed Lustig, asking politely for a refund, he pleaded with me to stay with him, offering several different incentives (he thought they were incentives, but I didn’t). Finally, I wrote back to him, using all caps (yeah, I know that’s like shouting), asking (again!) for a refund. Guess what? He stopped writing me! Guess I finally got his attention. A few days later, I again wrote, asking for a refund; no reply. That’s when I wrote Software Projects support, and they couldn’t have been nicer; in a few days, I got the refund. So, lots of lessons learned here, especially: be careful whom you deal with. Take care, and keep up the good work.

      • LG

        Great to hear they finally came through with the refund David, although it’s always a shame when companies make you work for it. If people aren’t happy why make it worse! But a good result.

      • David L.

        Regarding the refund issue: Software Projects is a marketing company that represents a lot of small-time online vendors. ALL of their vendors are required to agree to a 60-day, no-questions-asked refund guarantee as a condition of representation. If you want a refund on something, it is best to contact Software Projects (they send instructions on how to do this) with each purchase. I have asked for refunds twice on purchases from their vendors, and they absolutely honor the guarantee! They send a return email within an hour confirming the refund, and it is credited to your card within three business days. It is great to deal with their vendors, because of their refund policy. By the way, I have no connection with the company other than what I disclosed! :-)

  • Becky

    Whew, that was a close call. After receiving an email about his university I thought to myself, hey why not? However, thanks to the world of google I can double check my decision prior to making it! :-) and I did and I landed here. So I will not be investing in the University or going to Amazon to buy the book. Sometimes we wish we could find a way to just put $20,000.00 or more in our pockets quickly and without any hard work involved but in the end it is just that… a wish. Lottery playing is meant to be a sport of fun and chance and if played that way can be fun and even sometimes rewarding. When you play it as a way to gain income it becomes a sin with little to no reward. Thank you for your site, you saved me at least $49 and a possible headache trying to get out of the monthly autopay. I feel like I should pay you. :-) Shame on “Newsmax” for peddling this in their emails. God Bless, Becky

  • CbrisJ

    Yep, I got suckered in by Richard’s “University” and the only thing I learned (well, something different anyway) was that Scratcher “strategy”. Will be contacting the marketing company to get off auto pay (or worse case just calling my bank to report a stolen card or tell them to issue a charge back).

    Other thing that ticked me off was that he sent me a link that redirected to a binary options trading program. So, I think all Richard does now is put little snippets from his book into monthly video “lessons” and uses his subscribers to fuel his affiliate marketing efforts. He also sent a link to LottoLishus (a form of lottery syndicate) that I already belong to.

    I need to rejoin your service Lottery Guy!

    • LG

      Yeah, shame that scratcher strategy doesn’t actually work either (they simply don’t print them that way – they are printed randomly, so it’s perfectly possibly to get 10 losing tickets in a row – and you’re just as likely to win if you play 10 entirely different games if they have the same odds). It’s such a shame he persists on selling this ‘advice’ when he’s been told that he’s wrong.

      No need to report your card stolen though – that’s going to cause you far too much hassle. Just ask Software Projects Inc to cancel the payment (as David did), copy in your bank on the request if you can and that should be the end of it. If in the unlikely event they still debit you, that’s what the chargeback system is for (or for when someone doesn’t deliver goods/services as promised).

      Be careful out there 😉

  • SOMars

    Wow! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you again! watching Newsmax channel and saw this guy’s commercial. All of the famous names and TV shows mentioned caught my attention. I questioned my initial reaction and thought he might possibly be legit! After reading your review and all the previous comments, I realized I had it right initially! That was a close one! I’ll admit he had me interested. And to think I would’ve wasted money that could go into playing my numbers and buying more scratch offs! …lol…. in all seriousness, the truthful common sense review was truly much appreciated!

    • LG

      Close call, but glad to help save you the money :-). The 45% one star reviews on Amazon speak volumes too.

      He’s doing commercials now!? :-(

  • Peter

    Dear friends —

    I don’t expect anyone here will believe me. I am 61, but when I was about 25, back in Scotland, married, three children, living a hand-to-mouth existence and working in a pub earning a pittance, I had an ‘idea.’ This was before the lottery. We had the British Football Pools back then. We still do, but it’s all shook up and vastly different. Anyway, I decided to ‘try’ and win the Football Pools. You put down 10 or 11 crosses where you think the team will draw. Preferably a score draw, like 1-1 or 2-2, etc. If you have eight score draws you win the Jackpot, the First Division. Anyway, in my spare time, and I didn’t have much of that, I devised a system whereby I created a kind of fractional number, depending upon how far the away team came to play the home team. For example, Coventry v Birmingham. That’s not far, about 20 miles or so. But say Woolwich was playing Bristol. That means that Bristol is travelling approximately 100 miles to London to play. I know it’s not much, but it was part of my fraction, my handicapping system. It really comes into play with games like Plymouth v Glasgow Rangers, that’s 400 miles, even IF Glasgow Rangers flew down the previous night: the psychological impact is the same. Anyway, I would add or substract from the fraction, the handicapping, how the teams played last time, and how far down the Divisional tables they were now compared to last time. I would also use other handicapping, which I won’t go into here. The result? I tested it out about six times, over six Saturdays, and I noticed I was getting four and five score draws. One Saturday, and I will never forget this, I completed my coupon (Littlewoods Pools) and put it behind the clock on the mantelpiece. My wife, my then-wife, urged me to post it (this was Wednesday) and I said I would get round to it. Short and sweet, I never did. And guess what? I got not eight score draws but nine. That would have meant that not only would I have won a grand First Division, but I would have scooped up everybody else’s prizes of that magnitude. My wife, my then-wife, and I didn’t speak for a week. We couldn’t. You can imagine how we felt. Bottom line? I never did the Pools again, not once. And that was all those years ago. But there is never a day goes by that I don’t think about it. – Peter

  • PJ Dawson

    I am playing the scratch tickets a bit just for a check. A relative of mine in the family put me onto a retailer who was telling him what ticket to buy. If he liked ticket B, the retailer said no, not that one – take this one. and it won. So, I started to look into it and on one $5.00 ticket, I won $225.00.
    I have now discovered how the retailer knew which ticket would win.
    The real tip-off is that he would say, bring it back here to get the cash. Apparently, there is a bonus that retailers can get on a lot of winners being cashed at that store. If you see Lustig on TV, the retailer is handing him stacks of tickets to choose from. Richard picks out the ones he wants, and hands back the rest to the store keeper. I know what he is doing. 100% I know.

    I also have a method that garners lots of free plays. Bushels of them. It just hit me one night, and it is very simple. I trigger these free tickets only when the jackpot is huge!
    Another angle is when to play – what day – it has to do with the calendar.
    I was VERY glad that the new Lottario ticket had the new rules that I wanted .Second prize is 10 grand now. Before it was shared. Lottario has come up in my estimation as to how to cash their tickets.

    So, I still play 6-49 a certain way. Lotto Max a certain way. Ont- 49 is only good for playing one line, but the calendar tells when to play all the draws heavier than normal. Very easy to see why certain days are better than others.
    Lottario is protected from rising up to $2.00 per ticket as the OLC wants all the Grammas, etc. to keep playing and they will at $1.00.

    Each draw or lottery is different from the rest. And each MUST be played a certain way. The Free Ticket angle I want to keep to myself. It goes against the norm and I like to be different.
    I have another angle that I use on about 95% of my tickets. Every draw. Keep staring at them and it will be revealed to you.

    Big wins?? I had one in the 70’s. I won a free house, and am still in it today.
    Current value is $360,000.00.
    I take every edge I can get. My best pal has two Master Degrees, one in Mathematics and one in Computer Science. I run things by him, but he is not as controlled as I am. He can remember better than me, and he gives me all his angles and some are good. Some just normal.

    Here is your tidbit right from Las Vegas. If playing Keno, only play the eight number card. Best by far at $1.00. Works on lotteries.
    You only win 25 thousand when it hits. (I don’t bother with it, as I like my play now, as is)

    Cheers to all.

    • LG

      No, sorry, but that’s nonsense. There is no way for anyone to tell if a scratch off ticket is a winner just by looking at it. UNLESS you remove some of the covered serial number/bar code (which is cheating, and will get any retailer kicked out and likely prosecuted too).

      But it also doesn’t make much sense – a retailer is going to sell tickets regardless, he can’t ‘make’ more winning tickets than get randomly delivered to him – so what would they do with all the losing ones they still have to pay the lottery company for..?

      (Note: Richard doesn’t have any scratch-off tactics other than the one mentioned above which doesn’t work. Also, look at the list of his prizes – does that look like someone who is doing what you suggest or has the game beat..? Er, no.)

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