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Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

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Florida lottery winner Richard Lustig has won 7 grand lottery prizes. His lottery book details his simple secret system.

Richard Lustig lottery book
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What He Says

  • My name is Richard Lustig and I live in Florida
  • I have created a method… that has enabled us to WIN several lottery GRAND prizes
  • I purposely made the book short and to the point
  • Luck has absolutely nothing to do with it

What I Think

The first thing I ought to point out before the hype gets you, is that Richard is not a lottery multi-millionaire. He hasn’t actually won 7 huge lottery jackpots. In reality his 7 wins amount to $1,047,060.58, and one of those prizes was a jackpot of $842,152.91. Bear in mind that lottery winnings are also taxed in the USA.

It’s also worth pointing out that his biggest win was back in January 2002, and his last ‘big’ win was in 2010.

Here’s the full list of his 7 grand prizes:-

  • Jan 1993 — $10,000 (scratch-off ticket)
  • 14th Aug 1997 — $13,696.03 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • 2nd June 2000 — Holiday to Los Angeles, value $3,594.66 (scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw)
  • 18th Oct 2001 — Holiday to Memphis, value $4,966 (scratch-off ticket 2nd chance draw)
  • 22nd Jan 2002 — $842,152.91 (Florida Mega Money)
  • 25th Nov 2008 — $73,658.06 (Florida Fantasy 5)
  • 9th Aug 2010 — $98,992.92 (Florida Fantasy 5)

[Source of data: Sentinel Research]

There’s also a $5,145 win on the Florida Lotto on 11th July 2009, but I don’t think he’s counting that one as a ‘grand’ prize.

OK, but that’s still more than most lottery players have won though, right? So is it way beyond luck as he claims? And forgetting the hype, is the advice actually any good?

The Big Problem With This Book

There is some basic common sense advice in the book (although a lot less than I give away for free in my lottery tips!). Advice such as keeping tickets that lose as a tax deductible and/or for playing those second chance drawings.

Just don’t get too excited on the tax side as this doesn’t apply in most countries around the world (if they don’t tax your winnings, it’s extremely unlikely you can use your losing tickets to offset tax!).

But the big problem is that key advice he’s offering in the book is just plain wrong. On two ‘strategies’ in particular.

Richard advises always playing the same numbers every draw. He also advises buying scratch off tickets in batches of 10 of the same card rather than different cards.

Both he claims improve your chances of winning – the fact is however, neither of those things make the slightest difference to your chances (they really don’t see below…)!

Richard Buys a LOT Of Lottery Tickets

This is the key piece of information he never lets on. Richard will simply not tell you how many tickets he bought to generate those 7 prizes – and therefore his real ‘profit’ (if any?). Remember, that big win (80% of his winnings) happened back in 2002.

So although he may not like to think so, buying large numbers of tickets is the real reason he has won 7 times. That, together with choosing games which are easier to win in the first place, and a bunch of luck.

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There’s been a little debate in the comments below about whether playing the same numbers or changing them helps you. It categorically does not make any difference, but this video should help if you’re still unsure:-

Note that Jason Gershman, Ph.D (an Associate Professor and Coordinator of Mathematics at NSU) agrees with me on this point, and states that Richard’s advice is “nonsense” and that “you’d be wasting your time and money doing that system”.

Did you buy the book, or see him on TV? Let us know what you think of Richard Lustig’s lottery system book or advice by adding your comment or review below. Thanks.

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  • Kara

    @Chrisj I like the idea of that. Pick a weekly limit that you’ll spend such as $50 then whatever I win I’ll replay that amt the next week UNLESS it exceeds the $50 then I’ll keep that and use it for something else. If I only won $30 then $30 will be my next week’s limit. I think I’ll try this. Thank you.

  • Gene

    I am glad I read it it saves me the money. I wish there was a system that really worked.

    • LG

      That’s good 🙂

      It depends what you mean by ‘really worked’. If you are hoping for a system that turns a lottery game into a regular income, then that does not exist and never will. But the stuff I list here does exactly what it promises.

  • Buck

    Listen up folks! If this “SYSTEM” worked all the lottos would go broke DUH.. do not put real money on the lotto! My idea, buy less drinks at the bar and put that into a ticket. Or smoke less, whatever. Also stay indoors when it rains. you’re more likely to be hit by lightning than win a lotto. REALLY Fantasize about what you do if win, have fun with it but realize that’s very probably all you will get out of it.

  • Christian J

    Hey guys, winning lottery is not by luck at all at all. This spiritualist predicts every lottery with 100% accuracy. You can reach him on 002348084SPAM44.

    • LG

      Wow, he must be extremely rich by now then.

      Hmm, a mobile number in Nigeria for ‘psychic lottery number prediction’… anyone interested..?

      • Grace

        I’m interested!

      • LG

        I hope that was said in jest.

      • Grace

        Well, not really… I am pretty interested.

      • LG

        In an apparent ‘recommendation from a 3rd party’ for a spiritualist who operates purely with an untraceable cellphone out of Nigeria..? Who is 100% accurate at predicting jackpots..?

        Trust me, this is 100% a scam. There couldn’t really be more signs to scream steer clear 🙂

  • Brenda Good

    I would like to know if Richard has a personal email, I just have so many questions I would like to ask him, I promise to not take alot of his time. I would just like for once in my life to win something and know what it’s like to feel the overwhelming feeling you get. I’m not looking to get rich if I did it’s OK. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • LG

      Hi Brenda,

      It sounds like you’ve been sold by the Lustig hype machine, and didn’t actually read my review 🙂

      Richard does not have a magical way of beating the lottery. The reality is most of his headline ‘7 grand prizes’ are actually very small wins (is $4,966 from a 2nd chance draw really a ‘grand prize’?). And no wins to mention since 2010..?

      Don’t believe the hype 🙂

  • PP

    I’d say he’s probably made more money selling his book than he actually won. Smart man, make some money on the lottery then create a fortune writing a book telling people how he did it!

    • LG

      But what if the book turned out to be overpriced garbage that didn’t help anyone at all? Still smart, or just a bit tacky and dishonest?

  • Linda

    You invest $1 or $2, take your chances, and be done with it! I would not invest a whole lot of time and money and overthinking this. The lottery is there for entertainment and it helps the schools a little.

    If your few dollars nets you a nice sum, good! If it doesn’t, then there’s always another $1, and then you don’t have to play anymore, either.

    Stay away from scam artists in Nigeria. You and your hard earned money WILL be separated for good and I’ll see you on the Dr. Phil show, crying your eyes out. There is no secret formula for winning; only luck.

    Take good care.

    • LG

      I’d agree that entertainment should be a primary reason for playing – after all, it’s darn good value for money, so if you win that’s one heck of a bonus 🙂

      But there are sensible things you can do to increase your chances. Using good strategy you can help the luck! It’s just unfortunate that there are so many people selling useless junk (like this) that doesn’t help at all – it greatly muddies the waters for those of us wanting to just keep it real..!

  • Doris

    The winners I am impressed with are those few who Dream the number sequence!

    • LG

      I wouldn’t be too impressed Doris – this is really just a case of the infrequency illusion. In other words – people dream of lottery numbers in their millions. Yet we only hear about it when they win. Nobody is going to write the newspaper article “Lottery Player Dreams About Losing Lottery Numbers” – see what I mean? 🙂

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