Lottery Tips And Tricks

The internet is full of garbage advice about playing the lottery. Loads of bad information, and stuff that is plain wrong. So this page is a quick reference list of some genuinely useful tips and tricks. But you can also get my free lottery tips course here, and access to my full grown Private Lottery Strategies Group here.

Lottery Systems That Work
You've seen all those shiny lottery systems, you may have even bought one or two. They didn't work of course. So do any lottery systems really work? Get some quick answers here.

Derren Brown Secrets
Derren Brown is a highly entertaining and cunning trickster. Personally I think he's great entertainment value - people get frustrated when they take him too seriously. Can he predict the lottery? Of course not. Can he really beat the bookies in 'Derren Brown - The System', no, not at all. But entertaining all the same. He's a showman, and that's all he ever claims to be.

Are My Chances Of Winning Better If I Play Less Often..?
If you play the same number of entries does it matter over how many weeks you play? Are your chances of winning the lottery any different..?

Do Your Lottery Odds Improve The More You Play?
If I have played 500 different combinations already in the past, have my odds of winning the lottery in future improved..?

Your Lottery Odds and The Fastest, No Cost Way To Radically Improve Them.
If I had a lottery ticket for every time I've heard 'well I play the Mega Millions lottery because the jackpot is so much bigger'...

How To Win The Pick 3 Lottery...
Well, kinda. The Pick 3 lottery is easier to win, much easier. But as a lottery game for any serious lottery player, it pretty much sucks. Here's why you should switch games and avoid Pick 3 like the plague. Seriously.

The Lottery Wheeling System Myth.
What a lottery wheeling system is, what it does and doesn't do. And the biggest lottery wheeling myth revealed...

5 Top Tips To Win More With Any Lottery.
Great lottery tips. How you can instantly start winning more money with any lottery.

How To Spot A Lottery Scam.
Don't get caught. Find out how to spot a lottery scam. There are a lot of very obvious signs, but some are more subtle as the scammers get cleverer at catching people out. Here are the things to look for.

Why Haven't I Won the Lottery Jackpot Yet?
Deepest darkest secrets of winning the lottery jackpot... have you solved the lottery mystery yet?

Should You Pick Number 38 on the UK Lotto?
UK Lotto report suggests number 38 far more likely to be drawn on the UK Lotto. Should you believe the hype..?

Hot Lottery Numbers & Cold Lottery Numbers.
Hot lottery numbers are supposedly more likely to be drawn. Or is it cold numbers because they are now due? Don't be fooled by this fake lottery science.

More lottery articles to come, bookmark this page and check back soon. Or check the lottery blog for the latest.

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